inspired industrial jewelry

choker, choker, and choker
With so many to choose from, you will have to get more than one...

recreating your world peace by piece

the products

wires all wound up
These chokers are spectacular. Soft wire mesh in titanium (see below) or orange (above) mixed with metal. Modern, industrial, and elegant.  Get ready for complements.
crazy for copper
Copper is our favorite for Fall fashion! We combined it with rubber rings to create the perfect industrial look.
geometric wooden art 
Around your neck or on your wrist, these wooden masterpieces come in black, orange, tan, brown and olive.   Yes, you need them all.

crazy for a daisy
These modern earrings add a ton of flirty fun.  

we're talking teens 

OK, it is not just fun, our tween jewelry is durable, timely, bright and exactly what any fashionista needs. With initials, high tops, hearts, peace signs (of course), or just fun and modern designs, there is something for everyone--even those that are all grown up but still just kids at heart.

turquoise is the new black
These turquoise earrings are the perfect wardrobe addition for any modern bohemian industrialist.
big buttons abound

We love these big buttons, so we're wearing them on our sleeve.  Well, on our wrist of course.  Assorted colors and styles.  You can't go wrong.

celebrate circles

We’re not one to brag, but our newest design is simply fabulous.  "O" my goodness. Order one and  you’ll see just what we’re talking about. Available for the neck and/or wrist.

did you hear?  
copper for your ears!
These copper earrings are light weight, the perfect length, and they look great with every outfit!  


inspired by our wire
We loved the bracelets so much-why let our wrists have all the fun?  These leather and wire necklaces are not chokers, but just beyond.  They are the perfect length and come in black, tan and natural leathers. 

​peace and love

We have traditional peace signs and artistic peace signs. Whatever your style, bring peace into your world.

flower power
We love this necklace.  A metal flower displayed on a leather clasp (your choice of black or orange) hanging from a chain. Be ready for fun and fabulous.
dangly earrings
When Amanda, a rewire designer, was little, all she wanted was "dangly earrings." One look at these, and we know why.  Get wired, even when you have no place for a necklace.  
wrapped up in wire

Leather, wire, chains and a screw come together to appease the most modern industrialist. Available with white, copper or black leather and wires come in black or silver.  

it's all in the wrist

These bracelets have it all. Stylish.  Sleek.  Modern. Truly wearable art. Leather comes in copper, white grey, taupe or black.  Wires come in silver or black.