recreating your world peace by piece

Jodi, the founder of rewire, is an attorney for a Fortune 50 Company.  At the end of 2011, the company announced a major reorganization and reduction in force called Project Rewire.  For over a year, the status of her position was unknown, and the stress caused by that unknown was difficult to manage.  It impacted Jodi physically and emotionally.  As a way to relax and to regain peace and balance in her life, Jodi began designing and creating jewelry with her daughter, Amanda. Though her position at the company was ultimately not eliminated, Jodi continued her newly-found passion of creating inspired industrial jewelry.  Choosing to change something negative into something positive, rewire was born.    

Let rewire recreate your world just as it did for Jodi & Amanda-

peace by piece.

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inspired industrial jewelry

recreating your world peace by piece.