bangle bracelets

available in copper, antique gold or gun metal. 

leather bracelets


tween rubber necklaces


o'mazing necklace

available in rings all the same size or alternating sizes (shown above).  

recreating your world peace by piece

wire mesh choker

available in orange or titanium (shown below).

buttons abound

assorted buttons on black or orange leather.

smiley denim wallet

copper triangle earrings

wood and leather

assorted colors inspired by nature.  

charm bracelets


wire on wire

available in pink or black.  

especially for teens and tweens (and those that are still young at heart)... 

holy wow!

available in orange (shown) or black leather on a chain.  

​for the neck...

for the ears...

turquoise earrings

leather/wire necklace

available in black, tan or natural leather.  

keychain bracelets

assorted colors. 

silver and gold

available in silver or antique gold chain. 

wrecking ball earrings


copper daisy earrings

o'mazing bracelet

silver wire on leather

available in black, rust, orange, and brown.  

good vibes denim wallet

stars and hearts necklace

gold or silver tones.  

for the wrist...

inspired industrial jewelry

leather and chains

we love to layer these (two shown). 

vintage button barrettes


o'mazing copper


shown in rose gold. also available in graphite.

wooden square on leather

brown wooden square on white or black leather with or without a crystal.  

flower power

available in black or orange leather on a chain. 

handsewn heart keychains

assorted and perfect to hang on backpacks.  

peace (and love)

available in traditional or artistic.  Artistic comes in turquoise or ivory.   

wooden rectangle necklace

available in antique gold or silver chain.  

cherries denim wallet

wire mesh choker

available in  titanium or orange (shown above). 

black wire on leather

available in white, grey, taupe or rust.  

and you simply must have... 

o'mazing silver

a new favorite

wooden rectangle on chain

available in assorted colors inspired by nature and with chains in silver or antique gold.  

wire earrings

cotton mesh bags

black, white and aquamarine

set of three.  


available in black, rust, or white leather.  Also available in white leather with black wire.