recreating your world peace by piece

The youngest designer at rewire is nearly a teen herself, so she really knows what teens like.  Initials, charms-fun fashion for everyone.

recreating your world peace by piece

Made from leather, wire, wood and metal, among other materials, our necklaces are made with the modern jewelry enthusiast in mind.  

Our Products:

brilliant & fun stones and, of course, peace signs

Peace signs are integral to what we do.  We have them on (most) everything.  On some necklaces, the peace sign is the main attraction.  On others it hangs in the back of the neck so other stones can take center stage.   

inspired industrial jewelry

for the neck

metals, wood and leather - nothing better 

Wires, keys, gears, screws--you won't just find them at the hardware store. We like to use metal objects in our jewelry designs, and we think you will like them too.  We also love to use natural products in colors inspired by the outdoors.  We mix our mediums to create the perfect piece.

for the wrist

We like to have fun too, so we sometimes venture from necklaces and bracelets to create keychains, hair accessories, earrings and so much more.

inspired jewelry

All of our designs come with inspiration.  A quote, a saying, a thought.  All meant to add meaning and positivity as you recreate your world. 

for the rest

for teens

Industrial bracelets with a modern edge.  All are adjustable, so they look amazing on any wrist.


  • ​mi​​​ghty leather
  • industrial metals
  • peace and love
  • inspired and inspiring
  • for teens by amanda